February 2015– In a newsworthy decision from the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, Christian Onsager and Andy Johnson successfully overturned an award of over $2,000,000 in attorneys’ fees against its client, BIAX Corporation.

BIAX Corporation, a Colorado company, was founded in the 1980’s to design, build, and market high performance computer systems. BIAX spent millions of dollars developing its technology and received five U.S. and three international patents relating to parallel processing computer systems its employees developed. BIAX has successfully licensed its patents to third parties for use in a broad range of computer and consumer electronic products.

The company was on the losing end of a judgment for allegedly asserting baseless patent infringement claims against Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc., Sony Electronics, Inc., and NVIDIA Corp. The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, however, that “there was nothing unreasonable about BIAX’s infringement position,” finding that the trial court never addressed the essential issue of the scope of BIAX’s patents.

BIAX’s President noted that two Supreme Court decisions handed down in the middle of the appeal made overturning the fee award even more difficult. He praised the firm’s lawyers for their dedication and the talent to express the legal and technological arguments simply and clearly. Christian Onsager noted that the firm has a passion for complex cases such as these and prides itself on its ability to get to the heart of a problem.